Michael Kilbey

Michael Kilbey

Main Stage: SUNDAY 11

Winner of the PLAY OnBlackheath competition – as voted for by you!

When UK-wide Emerging Talent Competition finalists & Glastonbury performers The Franks disbanded, North London-born musician Michael Kilbey bid farewell to his band-mates, but not to the brand of dark, inspired songwriting that had so intrigued the industry judges.

Owing inspiration to the quiet of night-time, and a deep sense of alienation, Kilbey explores the themes of betrayal, romance, fantasy and de-reality. Yet at the heart of his writing is something more poignant still: a sense of self-conflict.

A self-taught guitarist and pianist, Kilbey draws on a wide vocal range to create expansive, haunting, melody-laden bubbles of dream-like introspection, charged with real emotion and unreal imagery, citing influence from The Smiths, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, REM, Smashing Pumpkins, Jamie Frankel &The Killers. Predominantly full-borne epic rock, arrangements occasionally favour more stripped away, intimate, vulnerability-exposing singer-songwriter fair.

His lyrical style of songwriting and soul-searching is also at times reminiscent of David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, U2, Coldplay and Keane, whilst his honest and distinctly English tone of voice has drawn comparison with the late Nick Drake.

Debut EP ‘Indigo’ was self-produced in a bedroom and released in October 2014, promptly attracting a large online fan-base, inspiring to-date a cult following of over 100,000 followers on Twitter, together with live sessions & interviews across a host of local radio stations, including BBC 3 Counties Radio.

With BBC Radio 6 also quick to endorse his distinct sound, a string of London dates confirmed for the remainder of the year and recording of his first length album ‘This Burning Temple’ set for commencement in 2016, Kilbey appears poised to very aptly embody the yearning voice of the so frequently dubbed ‘lost generation’.



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