Stage 3: SUNDAY 11

Nottingham native Harleighblu has been involved in music from a very young age, her drive and passion for creative exploration propelling her through the local scene to develop into one of the UK’s most promising young artists. Since announcing herself with the raw, beat-heavy soul of her debut LP ‘Forget Me Not’ (produced by Nottingham hip hop stalwart Joe Buhdha), she has been in national and international demand, with a string of irresistible singles – including “Sittin’ By The Window”, “Enough Now”, “Play Me” and “Who’s That Girl?”

Harleighblu’s voice has proved a magnet for collaborators and remixers, and her releases have been switched up by the likes of Peshay, Astro Raw (Lionbabe), Titeknots, The Last Skeptik, Klashnekoff and Rocé (with others, including Eats Everything and Starkiller – the production outfit of C.E. Garcia and Alfredo E. Fratti from Adrian Younge’s Venice Dawn – also lining up to work with her).

“My music reflects what is exciting me, and right now I’m more focused on the future than the past – not only sonically, but in life. Pretty much everything in my life has changed”, says Harleighblu in 2015; “I’ve got a feeling of freedom, I’m getting tangled up in different experiences. And all of a sudden these totally different songs are pouring out.”


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