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Sunday 10 September 2017

“I grew up with two older sisters who I idolised, but they used to pick on me because I was the weird one. I had imaginary friends, but they didn’t really like me either… they were always fighting and it was hard work trying to keep them under control”.

Welcome to the intriguing imagination of Cuckoolander, ready to make her mark with a self-titled debut EP after co-writing the Hunger Games song Kingdom with Duran Duran’s Simon le Bon.

Hailing from Dorset and surrounded with a musical family- a middle sister with a talent for songwriting and a mother who spent a fair amount of time on the road as a backing vocalist singing for Roger Chapman and The Shortlist. Cuckoolander’s world was always immersed in music; her older sisters were talented musicians and had their own band, but forbade Cuckoolander to be part of it. "They were such jokers, they even managed to convince me I was adopted". This left their younger sibling an outsider, watching from the shadows, and convinced she had no musical talent. However, at the age of ten- Cuckoolander plucked up the courage to learn drums and piano, and eventually make music like her heroes- her family.