The Cheese Truck

The Cheese Truck

The Cheese Truck set to celebrate and promote British cheese! They make a range of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches using the very best cheese Britain has to offer.  Sourced direct from farms around the UK by ourselves.

In 2013, they came back to the UK after a bit of soul searching/travelling around Hawaii and the rest of the USA, with an addiction to grilled cheese sandwiches, no money and an old ice cream van sat outside their house! Having spent the previous 5 years selling food at music festivals, there was only ever one way this was going to go. They spent the next three months working at a bakery learning about bread and baking, reading everything they could find about British cheese, consuming seriously unhealthy amounts of cheese and putting my design degree to good use! They traded their first Sunday at Maltby Street Market in the pouring rain and sold about 20 sandwiches to friends and family! Smashed it, they thought!

Their signature festival sandwich is the probably the cheddar, ogleshield and onion with bacon! It’s the ultimate cheese and bacon toasty and served with bloody mary baked beans – it’s a winner! Perfect when you’re stumbling back home after one too many ciders.


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