Higgidy Pie

Higgidy Pie

The story of a little company of pie, quiche and sausage roll makers from Shoreham-by-Sea

Higgidy founder, Camilla, didn’t like school very much but she did love kitchens. So, after a little bit of thinking she decided that, instead of being a trapeze artist or bank clerk, she would try to make people happy with her creative cooking skills.

After lots of mixing and chopping, baking and testing, Camilla became rather good at cooking and one day she was asked to help her friends open a café, where Camilla’s food became renowned for its taste and quality. As she searched for new and exciting recipes, she soon realised that nobody could make a pie quite like her own. It was then that she had a great idea…

Based in Shoreham-by-Sea, Higgidy is passionate about making pies (quiches and sausage rolls too!). They carefully bake in small batches, using the same ingredients you’d use in your own kitchen at home. And from sprinkling pine nuts on top of their Spinach, Feta & Pine Nut Pie, to scattering bacon on top of their Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Quiche, they finish each and every batch by hand.

Since Camilla baked the first pie in her own kitchen, Higgidy have made more than 50 million pies, which, if lined up next to each other, would stretch all the way from London to New York – now that’s a lot of pies! And, as you can probably imagine, you need a big team of hard-working cooks to make so many. That’s why the Higgidy family has just kept growing and growing since 2003, and now there are over 270 people who work all through the day and night to make sure that there are enough pies to go around.


You can find out more about Higgidy Pie and what they make here: www.higgidy.co.uk, or pop along to the Little Higgidy Kitchen at OnBlackheath to say hello and try some for yourself!


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