Hersha Patel <br>SUN 17:00

Hersha Patel
SUN 17:00

Introducing a new and exciting talent already making an impact on the cooking scene, Hersha Patel aka Cook with a Little Indian!

A self professed rubbish Indian, Hersha wanted to create a space that would enable her to connect her Indian past to her British present, through her love of cooking.

Growing up surrounded by a huge array of exotic ingredients and Indian spices, cooking wholesome flavourful food from scratch always seemed normal. So now she is honing and sharing these techniques, flavour combinations and home style recipes! Her ethos is that cooking from scratch should be appealing to everyone not just ‘foodies’ so regularly ropes in friends, family and even household pets.

From the absolute basics like preparing fluffy basmati rice  to the more time- consuming but ultimately satisfying samosa, her videos are watchable, usable, funny and shareable.

She has also recently travelled to India, learning to cook with all sorts of locals including chefs, home-cooks and Ayurvedic experts.

But her talents don’t stop there. As one-half of Indeed Productions, a company co-run with her pro- snowboarding, English-gent of a husband Johno, Hersha has an established career on both sides of the camera. An award winning talented and creative film-maker and presenter,  she has travelled to far-flung locations to down mezcals in Mexico, cook with chefs in Kerala, and grill prawns with none other than F1 legend Mark Webber in Australia




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